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About Me

"Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work."
-Thomas A. Edison-

Hi ! I am a talented passionate Systems Engineer offering 5 years of experience in System implementation and administration. I expertise in working on Unix/Linux/Windows servers as well as other several flavors of Linux including Red Hat, CentOS and Ubuntu. I work in physical, virtual and environments. I always like to update myself with the recent technologies and certifications. My ambition is to work with Google one day, these guys are really creative !

Personal information

Ahmed Talaat
2nd February 1990
Street 873, Zone 27, Bld.13
married, 0 children

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My skills.

Getting out of the scope sometimes helps me with the nature of my job/work. That's why I have a fair experience in programming and development.

What Can I do with systems

Being associated with systems involves being associated with many other things. It can get as simple as implementing and deploying a fax server or as intense as implementing and deploying a solid full ERP system.

While the raging computing technology continues to evolve, it's best to acknowledge that systems have proven to be one of the prior mandatory fields. From Physical to Virtual and from Local to Cloud, systems continue to emerge and fascinate everyone with modern facilities.

Being an IT Engineer pushes me to always be updated no matter what. Being passionate with reading, learning, testing and applying helps me the most.

* * *

  • Linux - RHEL


    4 years

  • Virtualization


    3 years

  • Microsoft Windows Server


    3 years

  • Public Cloud


    4 years

  • Routing & Switching


    2 years

  • VOIP


    3 years

Web-developing skills

80 %


85 %

Apache Cordova (Android/IOS)

65 %

Python/Ruby on Rails/Wordpress

70 %

Open Source


  • English

    speak - read - write

  • Arabic

    speak - read - write

  • French

    speak - read - write

Work experience.

For more detailed information about my work experience, kindly check My CV


Years of experience






Happy Employees


Born and raised abroad. I was able to meet lots of people from different backgrounds and cultures. That's why I can almost decode most languages and understand most accents.

  • 2006 2011

    Zagazig University, Zagazig, EG

    - Bachelors Degree.
    - Faculty of Engineering.
    - Section: Electrical.
    - Major: Communication and electronics

  • 2003 2006

    The Cambridge School, Doha, QA

    - IGCSE & GCSE.
    - 8 OL (Average "A")
    - 3 AS (Average "B")


I am very passionate about learning. I always get myself updated with courses every now and then. The river of knowledge is unlimited, so is my passion.

Completed Courses

VM-VCA (VMware)
NPP (Nutanix)
Usable Security (University of Marlyland)
CCNA - Attendance (Cisco)

Courses in Progress

RHCA (Red Hat)
CCNA (Cisco)
Cloud (Google, AWS ... etc)
VM-VCP (VMware)

Next Attractions

RHCE (Red Hat)
Cloud open stack

What can I do.

The IT field is too broad. No wonder most of the current job titles might get unfamiliar with some employers. The following list describes exactly what I can currently do.

System Engineering

Creating Systems.
Implementing Services.
Utilizing Features.

System Administration

Administering systems.
Administering Servers.
Troubleshooting systems.

Cloud Technology

Customizing adjustable cloud storage
Cloud backups.
Implementing & administering cloud services.


Switching from physical to virtual.
Disaster Recovery.
Load Balancing.


Routing and Switching.
Network Security.
Network Optimization.


Deploying Policies
BW Control
Firewall Services.

Open Source

Deploying Open Source Services.
Administering open source services.
Modifying Open source services.

Technical Support

Supporting the end-user.
Optimizing services.
customizing user-needs.


We don't find this often anymore. The social media, smartphones and technology almost lead people to forget how doing real things tasted like.

Mountain Biking

My favorite sport ever. Hiking with the bike has always been a great inspiration for both the body and mind.

I have attended many cycling communities in Qatar and entered many contests as well.

I normally bike on weekly basis, would love to do that daily though.


My passion since I was 6. We will simply die learning. Reading books endorses my knowledge and is always a great help to get involved into conversations with people and such.

I read both fiction and non-fiction. My best specific category though is the scientific section.


I would do that every second if I had the time and money. I've already visited a couple of places in Asia and Africa. It's really interesting to interact with different cultures and listen to different stories. I was born and raised in Doha, that's why I am already used to getting mixed with people from different parts of the world.

If I had the choice, I would live in Malaysia for my whole entire life.

Gaming & Anime

And who doesn't admire the beauty of graphics and video games?

I normally play video games 1-2 hours a week. The gaming environment is a good place to escape real life stress. Too much gaming would generate negative influences though. Anime on the other hand always teaches me to never give up and that nothing is impossible. That's the life's magic !

Get in touch.

Call me when you're bored. I'd propably bore you more with technology and recent innovations :)


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